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Our Clinic offers IVF for Russian citizens with Compulsory Health Insurance
The Aimed Clinic uses a combined laser of the latest generation for the embryo hatching. Women of the later child-bearing age have a high percentage of embryo implantation.


Our IVF doctor was Irina Aleksandrovna Ignatenko in Aimed clinic. I could not get pregnant for 99 months and was referred to many tests and procedures. 2 years ago I had IVF in some other clinic. When we were looking for reproduction clinic, we found Aimed and Irina Aleksandrovna was our doctor. We liked everything. The doctor is young but very attentive and kind. She discussed everything with us, reviewed our analyses, we had to repeat some tests. Then she made a treatment plan and in September I had IVF with ICSI and got pregnant. Now I have a care provider in another clinic but I still can contact Irina Aleksandrovna and she’s always there to ask my questions and give recommendation. I like everything – my doctor, clinic, nurses, atmosphere. Sometimes I had to queue to see the doctor but it’s nothing. Good luck to everyone and a happy pregnancy!


Лучшая частная клиника по специализации «репродуктология»

More than 6.000 children were born thanks to Aimed clinic and its specialists

More than 500 hundred of them are twins

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European Style Clinic

The clinic employs some of the best specialists in the field of reproduction, genetics and embryology in Russia. Our specialists - doctors of the highest category, PhDs, who were trained in Europe and the US.

Using Advanced technologies

Examination and treatment of our patients is carried out on modern high-tech German or Japanese equipment.

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