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Our Clinic offers IVF for Russian citizens with Compulsory Health Insurance
The Aimed Clinic uses a combined laser of the latest generation for the embryo hatching. Women of the later child-bearing age have a high percentage of embryo implantation.
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Useful information – preparation for IVF, tests for IVF. Stimulation of oocyte ovulation.

The Aimed Clinic uses a combined laser of the latest generation for the embryo hatching. Women of the later child-bearing age have a high percentage of embryo implantation.

Preparation for IVF.

Everyone who made a decision to undergo IVF should know how to prepare for the procedure. It is especially important for patients from other cities, for example, Murmansk, Pskov, Novgorod, Petrozavodsk, and Kaliningrad.

Before IVF it is necessary to undergo medical examination and to have several tests:

  • blood group and Rh factor;
  • HIV;
  • syphilis;
  • hepatitis B and C

The results of the above mentioned tests for IVF are valid for three months. If the tests are not valid, you can have them once again.

Women will additionally need to have the following medical examinations and tests:

  • hormone tests (FSH, prolactin and progesterone, LH and estradiol, testosterone, T3 and T4, TSH and DHEA-S);
  • smear test for STD, subclinical infections, and flora;
  • smear test for chlamydia infections and gardnerellosis, herpes and ureaplasma, mycoplasma, cytomegalovirus, trichomoniasis and gonorrhea, candidia infection and toxoplasmosis;
  • complete blood test and biochemical blood test;
  • common urine test;
  • coagulation test;

Women should also have a consultation with a physician to identify potential contraindications to pregnancy.

Men additionally will need to have spermogram. This seemingly simple test identifies male ability to fertilization. Spermogram reveals several standard characteristics of quality and quantity and also allows to identify the following:

    • ability to flotation, sperm motility in vitro;
    • number of leukocytes;
    • antisperm antibodies;
    • infections (PCR test);
    • stained smear with accurate morphology.

For the cycle of IVF doctors need to obtain more than one eggs. Stimulation of ovulation makes the treatment even more effective. During one period of menstrual cycle, only one egg grows and matures. Hormone injections stimulate ovulation and allow obtaining an adequate number of eggs. To stimulate maturation of several eggs a woman has hormonal injections. In particular, such hormones as Gonal and Puregon are used. In this case, only one ovulation is required and we can have enough eggs for ovulation.

The obvious question that arises is what hormone is better? What hormone has less impact on the body? It is natural that patients want to choose the best alternative. However, it is impossible to predict what hormone is better for each woman. Some have better results with Puregon, others react better to stimulation with Gonal. It is reasonable to try both hormones, one at a time.

Preparation for the most important procedures: follicle puncture and embryo transfer

During ovulation the eggs are retrieved by follicle puncture. On the day of follicle puncture a woman must not eat or drink. The doctor will specify since what time a woman should stop drinking. On the day of puncture, a man should also be present at the clinic but an hour or an hour and a half later. By this time, the retrieved eggs will be ready for fertilization and the next step of IVF will begin. In Aimed we typically schedule eggs retrieval for morning hours. A woman should have a dressing gown and slippers, socks and a T-shirt. Eggs retrieval is performed under short-term anesthesia. It lasts only 2-5 minutes. This time is enough to retrieve eggs. Before leaving the clinic a woman should have a written consent and recommendations of the doctor.

Men before puncture should abstain from sex and alcohol for 3-4 days. The doctor can recommend a longer period of abstinence, if necessary.

On the day of follicle puncture the man should collect a semen sample for sperm analysis. There is a special room for this procedure. Before collecting the semen, it is necessary to wash hands and the penis. The sperm is collected into a special sterile container labeled with the full name of the patient. It is not recommended to touch the inner surface of the container with hands. It is critical to inform the doctor if not all ejaculate was collected. The patient will receive other important recommendations from his doctor. On the day of embryo transfer a woman can eat and drink. She should have with her a dressing gown and slippers, socks and a T-shirt.

Лучшая частная клиника по специализации «репродуктология»
Лучшая частная клиника по специализации «репродуктология»

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