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The Aimed Clinic uses a combined laser of the latest generation for the embryo hatching. Women of the later child-bearing age have a high percentage of embryo implantation.
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Traditional IVF

The Aimed Clinic uses a combined laser of the latest generation for the embryo hatching. Women of the later child-bearing age have a high percentage of embryo implantation.

IVF with superovulation

Infertility is diagnosed when a couple have been having regular unprotected sex for 12 months and are still not pregnant. There are many causes of infertility. However, if one partner has been diagnosed with infertility, it does not mean the couple can not have children. It only means that they have to undergo a complete medical examination and qualified treatment.

As statistics say, more than in half of all cases couples are not diagnosed with infertility anymore after treatment. Are there any chances for the rest half of infertility couples? If they are still diagnosed with infertility, they can try such treatment method as in vitro fertilization or IVF. It includes ovulation induction or superovulation. Everyday a woman is injected with medications to stimulate the ovaries to produce several mature follicles. A patient does the injections herself every day until insemination. When conception happens and embryos are transferred into the uterus, a woman will have to take progestorone.

IVF is fertilization in vitro and this is just one method to treat infertility. An egg is fertilized and develops outside a woman’s body. Then an embryo or a fetus with a group of cells is transferred to the uterus. After it the embryo continues its developing as in case with natural fertilization. Now there are many fertility clinics but we regularly welcome patients from Murmansk, Pskov, Novgorod, Petrozavodsk, Kaliningrad and others.


There are several treatment protocols or treatment plans. It is the doctor who chooses a treatment plan for the patient based on the patient history and the results of medical tests. What is the difference between the plans? The main difference is in medications and the duration of the therapy.

Let’s review the main steps of in vitro fertilization (IVF):

1. Ovulation induction. This is the step to monitor the follicles development using ultrasound. The aim of this step is to obtain as many mature oocytes as possible. It increases the chances for getting pregnant.

2. Follicular puncture. At this step, we obtain the oocytes. In Aimed we perform follicular puncture under intravenous anesthesia and under ultrasound control. At the day of the procedure, husband of the patient collects the sperm to fertilize the oocytes obtained during the procedure.

3. In vitro fertilization. IVF is performed by embryologists in a special embryological laboratory. There are two IVF options. The first is in vitro fertilizatio. The second is ICSI or IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection. The first method is simpler to perform. The oocytes are placed in an appropriate culture medium and then sperm suspension is added. Within 2-3 hours one sperm cell enters the oocyte and fertilization happens. The second method includes injecting the sperm cell into the oocyte using special microsurgical instruments. Whatever method is used, as soon as the sperm cell enters the oocyte, it is considered to be the embryo. Obtained embryos are stored in special artificial environment for 2-5 days. Modern genetic technologies allow examining each embryo and identifying potential genetic diseases and the sex of a baby.

4. Embryo transfer. This procedure is performed with the use of a catheter. The embryo is transferred through the cervix. Typically, 3 embryos are transferred. The rest embryos are cryopreserved and can be used later if the first IVF attempt fails.

5. Luteal phase. To decrease the risk of spontaneous abortion, a woman will need to take progesterone for two weeks after embryo transfer. After 2 weeks, a woman has a blood test to confirm or deny her pregnancy. Depending on the final result, the doctor decides about further treatment plan.

Potential IVF complications

The most common potential complication is ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This is a complex of pathological symptoms that can develop as a result of ovulation induction.

Pregnancy and delivery

Pregnancy in the result of IVF as well as delivery do not differ from natural pregnancy. The specialists share the opinion that children conceived by IVF do not have any differences from other children. The parents tend to pay even more attention and give more love to such children because they have been waiting for their birth for so long.

Лучшая частная клиника по специализации «репродуктология»
Лучшая частная клиника по специализации «репродуктология»

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The clinic employs some of the best specialists in the field of reproduction, genetics and embryology in Russia. Our specialists - doctors of the highest category, PhDs, who were trained in Europe and the US.

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Examination and treatment of our patients is carried out on modern high-tech German or Japanese equipment.

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