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The Aimed Clinic uses a combined laser of the latest generation for the embryo hatching. Women of the later child-bearing age have a high percentage of embryo implantation.

Hysteroscopy - price. Where can you undergo hysteroscopy?

The Aimed Clinic uses a combined laser of the latest generation for the embryo hatching. Women of the later child-bearing age have a high percentage of embryo implantation.

Such procedure as hysteroscopy – the price is given above – is the inspection of the uterine cavity by optical systems. In Aimed medical center our specialists use hysteroscope. Why a woman should undergo this microsurgical intervention? Hysteroscopy allows inspecting the walls of the uterus from the inside with minimal intervention and consequences. In some cases, this procedure helps to avoid abdominal surgery that involves opening the abdomen and the walls of the uterus.

Prices for hysteroscopy

Initial consultation with gynecologist 1200 rubles 0 rubles *Make and appointment for the procedure and get the consultation for free
Hysteroscopy (hysteroscopy, anesthesia, histology)
18000 rubles
Special offer!  Diagnostic curettage (and i/v anesthesia) ; 12000 rubles 10800 rubles
Diagnostic curettage of cervical canal 1500 rubles
Hysterosalpingo-contrast-sonography (HyCoSy) 6000 rubles
Endometrial aspiration     4000 rubles


Any intervention into the uterine cavity has a potential risk. Any intervention leaves its marks. Some intervention procedures may lead to dramatic consequences such as infertility. However there is good news! A relatively new procedure that appeared in the 1980s helps to minimize the risk while being very effective. This is hysteroscopy.

Of course, with time this method has undergone many changes and improved. And today Aimed medical center offers the latest procedure – office hysteroscopy. It does not require anesthesia and cervical canal widening. Today this is the safest method and complications are virtually excluded.

Advantages of hysteroscopy

Safety. This method is safer that diagnostic curettage. There is no risk of uterine perforation caused by medical instruments. Informativity. A specialist can visually assess the mucous membrane and also take a biopsy if something suspicious is found. Effectiveness. Hysteroscopy allows complete endometrial curettage so there is no risk that after procedure some areas will be missed. Painless. Patients do not have any painful experience. .


Hysteroscopy is the inspection of the uterine cavity by optical systems through the vagina. At first, a slender tube fitted with a fiber optic camera is inserted into the uterus. Then the uterus is filled with a special sterile solution and only then a specialist starts inspecting the cavity.

Types of hysteroscopy

The type of hysteroscopy is defined by the aim of the procedure. The procedure may be indicated for diagnostic reasons or for treatment. Diagnostic procedure inspects the uterus and identify pathologies, if any such as synechiae, polyps and myomas. During the inspection, the specialist can identify the causes of dysfunctional uterine bleeding, causes of infertility or miscarriages.

Operative hysteroscopy, the price for which is the same, allows to treat various types of intrauterine pathologies. Using a hysteroscope, the specialist can insert other medical instruments to make all the necessary medical manipulations. For example, the specialist can remove polyps, sinechiae, uterine myomas, and make uterine septum resection.

Hysteroscopy and IVF

As hysteroscopy can help to identify the possible causes of infertility and in some cases, eliminate these causes, this procedure is indicated for the patients who made a decision to undergo IVF. Shortly, if a woman has been diagnosed with infertility, then hysteroscopy is recommended.

Our specialist will undertake the procedure effectively and without any pain. For this reason patients from Pskov, Murmansk, Novgorod, Petrozavodsk, Kaliningrad and other cities come to Aimed clinic.

Cost of hysteroscopy in Aimed

Aimed fertility medical center offers this procedure to our patients. The cost for hysteroscopy is 18.000 rubles. This price includes a full range of services.

Today different clinics offer different prices for hysteroscopy. Why? Some medical centers include the cost of initial consultation with gynecologist in the price and in some clinics, patients pay separately for these two services. In some cases, hysteroscopy price includes the cost of anesthesia. Patients should find it out in advance because an attractive price may be much higher when you come to a clinic. The price may also depend on the aim of the procedure. Hysteroscopy to diagnose and to treat may cost differently.

If you have any question or if you want to make an appointment for hysteroscopy in Aimed clinic, please call us or fill in the form on our site. You can also ask our online consultant right now.

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